Necro Music

Here is a relatively complete list of all the projects (EP's, Demo's) that Necro has been in at one time or another (and released content) that is available for purchase!

Crimson Scythe - Demo 2005  (2005) (Melodic Death Metal)

Demonicvlt - Conjuring Ancient Evil  (2014) (Raw Black Metal)

Demonicvlt - Devotion to Darkness (2014) (Sacrificial Black Metal) 

Duckthrone - Duck in the Northern Sky (2023) (Folk Black Metal)

Majestic Ritual - Majestic Ritual Demo I (2014) (Raw Black Metal)

Majestic Ritual - Demo II (2018) (Raw Black Metal)

Legion Drakuul - L'​é​pid​é​mie Noir (2013) (Raw Black Metal)