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The Tower of Wowers

Battle your way up 60+ floors of hand-drawn enemies in this satirical RPG! 


Fight and Fornicate in this comedic JRPG. 

Momo's Mansion

Fun and cute RPG about a loveable cat named MOMO who goes on a epic adventure. Family friendly content for all ages. DID WE MENTION CATS!?!? 

Grand Strokers

Comedic Horror RPG / JRPG that will leave you breathless with a sticky keyboard --- or offended! No holds barred, no filters. Pure unadulterated sexiness monster orgy goodness!! 

Morgue Rot : The Coroner's Quest

Inspired from the METAL Magazine! The Coroner's Quest is a horror RPG influenced by metal for metal-heads! Play as the coroner and uncover some gruesome events which lead you on a path to putting a stop to the ultimate evil and saving the town of St. Anne. If you can stop the MORGUE ROT!! 

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